Centurion RI 237 Boat Rental

Why Rent the Centurion RI 237?

The Centurion Ri 237 is the best wake boat on the market. Whether you are a serious wakeboarder and wakesurfer or if you are the best dad in the world just trying to toss your kids on a tube this boat will get the job done. The ballast system allows for the perfect wake setup so whether you are surfing or boarding you can dial the wake in perfectly.

The Ri allows for 16 people legally. We recommend no more than ten adults just so you’re sitting comfortably. The boat’s layout allows for all sorts of comfortable viewing seats so you can watch all of your friends and family attempt sweet tricks on their wake or surfboard.

There is a built-in cooler space for those long days on the lake. This way mom’s famous lunches can stay cold all day long. Also, don’t forget the delicious lemonades.

Weight (lbs)

The RI weights 5,450 lbs. The weight of the boat helps to create the amazing surf wake.


The RI 237 sits at 23 feet and 7 inches. The longer hull allows for longer wakes. This will allow you to surf really far back there.

Seats Up to 16 People

The Ri holds up to 16 people legally. For best comfort levels we recommend up to 10 adults at a time.


The RI 237 comes with an amazing sound system and Bluetooth. This allows for you to wakesurf to the perfect jams.

Ballast 5100 LBS

With as much as 5100-pounds of ballast, the Ri237 has the industry’s largest factory ballast capacity in a 24-foot boat.


Create pro level wakes or waves that can be adjusted independently midsession in as little as 90 seconds with available RAMFILL ballast.

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